June 16, 2014

The Emilia-Guggenheim-Schnurr Foundation supports the research

Last May this project was awarded with a grant by the Emilia-Guggenheim-Schnurr Foundation, associated to the Naturforschende Gesellschaft in Basel (NGiB), Switzerland.

The EGS Foundation has become one of the funders of the research, specifically the survey to be held in Basel. In this town we will develop a specific study named "From Basel to the Amazon: the scientific trajectory of the Botanist Jacques Huber (1867-1914) and his connections to scientists in Basel", whose goals are to survey, identify, describe, and analyse the connections between Huber and scientists/industrialists with scientific knowledge in Basel; and to highlight their intellectual exchanges and contributions to the development of Huber’s work.

We expect that this research will reveal pioneering international links of natural scientists, who were connected with Basel, and were concerned since very early with diverse issues related to the natural world, such as biodiversity, ecological relations and phytochemistry, in Europe but also in regions as far as the Amazon Basin.

We thank the Committee of the EGS Foundation for the support.

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